Ashley C. Bean is a 21 year old rocker hailing Peoria Illinois, who currently took interest in music at an early age of 8 years old.  At 10 she was playing licks on guitar and her vocal career at 10 quickly followed.  At age 12 she started in her church worship band where she continues to this day to bless the congregation on Sundays from time to time with sweet melodies in between touring and personal appearances.  Please no autographs on Sunday, offerings will do just fine.


Over the years, Ashley has had influences that have molded her career into what she is today.  Cathy Reynolds, four time CIA Gospel Artist of the Year, Chase Smith (Shadows Incorporated), Mike Isenberg of the International acclaimed family band, The Jets, back-up musician, Rusty Hall, and John Coulter, Marshall Tucker’s sound engineer, have help direct this young energized rocker chic.  She expresses much gratitude and is a kind sole even though her look is pretty sassy.


Ashley's music has been compared to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Evanescence as well as Alice In Chains, what a combo of musical innovators without compromise to follow trends but rather create them.  Ashley would say it is Classical meets Rock. All of the lyrics and music are her original creativity a style of her own. All of the music is heartfelt and unique. But I would say, her voice style and genre is distinct, raw and gives her music and incredible commercial but almost underground sound at the same timeless, not pretty and pink, but black on black. Ashley has been headlining Central Illinois festivals, and not that long ago was a finalist in youth contests like most roots of rock divas before her time.  However, 2014 is rolling along with a launch of her own signature guitar line as well as magazine product endorsements due to her looks that kill and her guitar playing that is raw, but melodic. This could very well be the year that spreads her wings from NY to LA, via P-town. A well known local, but Nationally famous tag, “Will It Play in Peoria” has Ashley admired as on top of her game as she has definitely played in Peoria with a faithful following of Ashleymania, Ashley is on the come.


“I love Rock N Roll, so put another quarter in the jukebox baby.”  But these days, it is loving Rock N Roll, playing Ashley’s track and it costs you a buck a tune. Turn it up rocker chick, I got a couple bucks to share!

Ashley Bean Band CD My Kind Of Ride
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